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Autour de Midi & Minuit

Owner: Wafaa Mesbaoui | Views: 5,640

75018, 11 Rue Lepic
Paris, France
ph. 01 55 79 16 48
em. contact@autourdemidi.fr



Autour de Midi & Minuit

«Autour de Midi…et minuit» brings back with the tradition, somewhat left by the wayside, of the jazz spirit that pervaded some of the most mythic sites in Montmartre in the past.

The jazz prevails downstairs in our double “cave voutée” where one side harbours a bar with Yves, and the other side gives way to a very charming and comfortable listening room with a small stage. The entry to the “Cave à Jazz” is independent to the restaurant, but why not take advantage of the two!

The concerts take place regularly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the famous “Jam Sessions”.

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Hosts Jam Session: Yes

Alcohol served: Yes




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