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Caveau Des Oubliettes


75005, 52 Rue Galande
Paris, France
ph. 01 46 34 23 09


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Caveau Des Oubliettes

Le Caveau des Oubliettes has an impressive history. strange and terrible prison, considered a branch of the prison Chatelet, the vault was created in the twelfth century by Philip II Augustus (1165-1223). At the time, she was the special prison His Majesty the King.

Philippe Auguste, sometimes called the blind, who governed France for 43 years (1170-1223), was a “collector” of land and a town planner and increased the royal power whatsoever on the capital or the countryside. Under the reign of the blind, was founded a powerful and secret chancellery to identify the enemies of the crown. For the latter was built, or rather dug the dreaded Cave of Oubliettes located below the level of the Seine. You could find prisoners held for the most serious crimes: those who had violated the royal crown, treasury or were accused of black magic, or those having attacked people of royal blood.

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