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Armel Dupas & Jean-Louis Cousseau at Sunset-Sunside

Paris Jazz Club uploaded this event on January 24, 2020


75001, 60 Rue Des Lombards
01 40 26 46 60


Thu, March 26, 2020
7:30 pm



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Between a pianist-composer, attentive to language, and a writer-actor passionate about jazz, sometimes all it takes is an instant for the bridges to spring up, for the grammar to fall into place, for the web of complicity to be woven. This is precisely what happened to Armel Dupas and Jean-Louis Cousseau. With, as raw material, standards or original compositions on the one hand, and poems in prose or verse on the other, you’ll find them in frenzied dialogue, in no pre-set order, and no guiding principle other than this: to listen closely to one another. Under the sign of swing and improvisation, they invent and reinvent new constructs of sound where musical phrases and melodies of words are mutually summoned, supported, spelled out, for the great pleasure of sharing a stretch of road with spectators unafraid of unmarked paths....

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