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75001, 60 Rue Des Lombards
Paris, 75001
ph. 01 40 26 46 60
em. sunset@sunset-sunside.com


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Date Time Title Price
Jun23Sat 21:30 21:30
Jun25Mon 21:00 21:00
Lawrence Leathers
Jun26Tue 21:00 21:00
Yonathan AVISHAI
Jul7Sat 21:30 21:30
David El-Malek
Jul12Thu 21:00 21:00
Harold López-Nussa
Jul13Fri 21:00 21:00
Harold López-Nussa
Jul19Thu 19:00 19:00
Scott Tixier


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Located in the heart of Paris, between the Forum des Halles and the Centre George Pompidou, the Sunset Jazz Club created in 1983 by Michele and Jean Marc Portet, is the first club to have settled rue des Lombards.

It is at the request of many musicians, customers of the restaurant, that they decide to transform the American basement bar into a Jazz Club. The musicians find the space ideal, with its arched cellars and its acoustics, to play for an intimate audience while keeping the necessary freedom for practicing for the tours and the support of the Majors. With the help of Christian Vander, Paco Sery, Francis Lockwood..., the Sunset starts up in May 83 with the collective Panam Fusion, consisting of the best Jazz fusion musicians of the time.

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